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Basil doTERRA 15ml

Basil doTERRA 15ml

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Basil (basil) belongs to the mint family and is a beneficial herb commonly used in cooking.  Basil (basil) gives meat, pasta and appetizers a fresh and herbaceous taste.  As a cooking ingredient or side dish, basil (basil) gives your dish a refreshing touch. 



  • Give your favorite Italian dishes a refreshing, herbaceous note with this oil
  • When adding dried basil to a savory dish, substitute our Basil essential oil for even more flavor
  • Use basil (basil) in salads, soups, and to flavor meats or savory dishes with an earthy, herbaceous flavor
  • Add a drop of basil (basil) to vinaigrettes and sauces; drizzle over freshly baked bread or round off an appetizer


Application Notes

As a food flavor.


Main health benefits

  • Wakes you up and gives you a feeling of calm.
  • Lends a fresh, herbaceous note to various dishes.
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