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Copaiba doTERRA 15ml

Copaiba doTERRA 15ml

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Copaiba (Kopaiva) essential oil comes from a fragrant tropical tree native to South America. Since the 16th century, this essential oil has been used in traditional health rituals by the indigenous people of northern and northeastern Brazil. Copaiva oil is widely used in cosmetic products such as soaps, creams, lotions and perfumes due to its soothing effect on the skin. Apply topically in combination with a carrier oil or your facial moisturizer to promote healthy-looking skin.



  • To improve the appearance of healthy skin, add some Copaiba (Kopaiva) to your daily moisturizer
  • Apply Copaiba (Kopaiva) to legs after exercise with Fractionated Coconut Oil and indulge in a soothing massage


Application Notes

Mix 5 drops with 10 ml carrier oil for massage.  As a bath additive, mix 5 drops with 5 ml of carrier oil.  For fragrance, mix 1 drop with 10 drops of carrier oil.  For cutaneous use only.


Instructions for safe use

Skin irritation is possible.  Keep out of reach of children. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or under treatment. Avoid eyes, inner ears and sensitive areas.


Main health benefits

  • Regarded as one of the most useful essential oils with countless uses and benefits
  • The versatile Copaiba (Kopaiva) can be used topically
  • Woody, resinous and earthy scent
  • Can be used in combination with a carrier oil or your facial care routine to promote healthy looking skin


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