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Rosemary doTERRA 15ml

Rosemary doTERRA 15ml

SKU: 60204694


Rosemary is an aromatic, evergreen shrub whose leaves are often used to flavor foods such as stuffing, pork, roast lamb, poultry or turkey.  In the Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Hebrew cultures, rosemary was considered sacred and was worshiped accordingly for a long time.  The herbaceous and energizing scent of rosemary is commonly used in aromatherapy and massage therapy. 



  • Add 1 drop of Rosemary essential oil to meat dishes and appetizers for even more flavor  
  • Transform your traditional mashed potatoes into a flavor explosion with a little help from doTERRA's Rosemary
  • Use as a convenient and effective substitute for fresh or dried rosemary in any recipe


Application Notes

As a food flavor.


Main health benefits

  • Gives meat and specialties a spicy, herbaceous taste  
  • Herbal and stimulating scent
  • Can be used as a substitute for rosemary as a spice in all dishes
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